Are Pets Allowed In Your Rental?

Are Pets Allowed in Your Rental Units? One of the potential problems of owning a house or an apartment is having to accept pet restrictions. Your lease may not state that pets are prohibited, but it may have been implied when you first moved in. If this is the case, you likely won't be able to get a dog until you move elsewhere. Many landlords may have allowed pets in their rental units. However, one or two bad experiences likely soured them on the idea. You may be more able to sway your landlord in your favor if you are willing to sign and abide by a written agreement stating your intentions and obligations as a pet owner. A tenant must agree to abide by the following rules. Clean up any and all messes my dog leaves on the property. Always keep my dog safe, supervised and under control at all times. Do not allow my dog to roam loose off-leash. Consider asking your landlord if he has any specific concerns he wants to address. Add them to your contract. He may want you to adhere to certain size restrictions or even have certain breeds he doesn't want in his building. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the dog's relocation. Follow the terms of your agreement while living in your rental unit. It can also help you get a good reference from your landlord when you move out and need to rent another property. . . .

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