Swollen Eyes In Dogs Can Be Painful And A Sign Of More Serious Problems, So Be Aware ! Dog Eye Swollen From An Insect Sting

The eye swelling can be a symptom of a more serious condition. Swollen eyes can occur suddenly or slowly over time. Allergies from insect stings and bite in the eye can put pressure on the eyes and cause them to swell. Tumors can be painful. Their prognosis varies depending on the type. Various types of bacterial infections can cause inflammation and swelling. Glaucoma is a disease that causes increased pressure inside the eye. Severe trauma can cause an eye to pop out of its socket.

Dog eye swollen from an insect sting.

Dog fights, being hit by a car, and rough play are common causes of eye swelling injuries. If one or both of your dogs' eyes are red, they should immediately call your veterinarian. Regular check-ups with your veterinary doctor can help to detect any problems before they cause the eyes to swell again. Do your best to keep your dog from stinging and bite insects. . . .

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