Pilling Puppies For Intestinal Parasites Is A Simple Way To Keep Them Healthy, But It'S Also A Risky Thing To Do If You Don'T Know How To Do It

Even healthy dogs require preventive care, including dog pills for intestinal parasites. Pilling requires the dog to open its mouth so you can place the capsule or tablet on the back of the tongue. Larger dogs are easier to pill because they have a good-size mouth. One person holds the dog while the other opens its mouth and takes in the pill. For larger dogs, kneel on the floor and place the dog between your legs facing out. If you don't have help, wrap the little one in a blanket with only the head exposed. Press one finger inside the dog's mouth to encourage it to open it with the other hand. The dog will swallow the pill with its mouth open. Hiding medication in treats works very well with dogs that tend to gulp food whole. Check with your doctor first, because some drugs should not be mixed with certain foods. Some smart canines learn to eat around the medicine. Be sure to give your dog lots of praise and play your dog's favorite game. . . .

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