Cat Food Is Not Toxic To Dogs, But It Can Cause A Short

Dogs are not big cats, so their digestive systems are not designed to eat cat food. Long-term feeding of cat food to a dog can cause some health issues. The Association of American Feed Control Officials is responsible for defining and standardizing what pets need in their food. Dog and cat food come in a variety of different packages and formulations. Wet or canada food, moist pouches, freeze dried, refrigerated fresh, dry kibble, and even dehydrated foods are all available for your pets. Most dog food you see in a pet store will follow AAFCO guidelines. Cat food is not toxic to dogs. However, it may cause a little diarrhea or even vomiting. When something new is introduced to a pet's diet, this gastrointestinal upset is expected but usually short lived. Most dogs don't even have to go to the veterinary clinic. . . .

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