How Can You Know If Your Dog Has Colitis? What Is Colitis In Dogs And What Can You Do About It? (Cnn Ireport)

Colitis is inflammation of the colon. Colitis can be a very common cause of diarrhea in dogs. How can you know if your dog has colitis and what can you do about it? Share your story with CNN iReport. Colis can be caused by intestinal parasites, bacterial infections, parvovirus, Irritable Bowel Disease, pancreatitis, stress, foreign bodies within the gastrointestinal tract, secondary to antibiotics, and even bowel cancer. It can sometimes seem like a generic, catch-all diagnosis. It may cause various conditions. If intestinal parasites are found on a stool check, your vet will prescribe anti-parasitic medications. If you can't cook for your dog, there are therapeutic diets that the Vet may prescribe. Anti-anxiety medications, such as Trazodone, in conjunction with probiotics, can help prevent stress-induced colitis. More severe cases may require more aggressive care. . . .

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