Lying Down Is A Calming Signal That Tells Other Dogs That He’S Calm And Means No Harm

Lying down signals to other dogs he is calm and means no harm. It’s a great exercise in relaxation for an overexited baby dog and a positive way to help your baby dog practice self-control. Puppy training should be fun for you and fun for them both. Put your dog in a down position by giving him his favorite toy or treat. Praise him along with the treat or toy, and throw a party to celebrate how smart he is. The puppy trains himself almost by accident with clickser training. Instead of luring, pushing, or placing the dog, you wait for him to assume the position on his own. The moment he goes down, he will then reward the behavior with his favorite treat. Puppies are a special breed of dog. They were born in the spring of 2013 in the USA. . . .

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