Training Your Dog To Sit On Cue: How To Train Your Dog To Sit On Cue

"Sit" is an important basic dog command that every dog should know. The training can help lay the foundations for "stay" and other more complicated commands. The key is for your dog to associate the word with the action. Chose a training location that is private and free of distractions. Train your dog by showing it a treat and petting it. Be sure to set aside 5 to 10 minutes a few times a week to work on this training. Some dogs will jump a little and "hover" above the ground. Be careful not to reward them. Say your dog's name followed by the word "sit" while holding the treat in the same position as before. Repeat several times. Repeatedly use the word 'sit" and gradually end the hand motion. Hold short training sessions throughout the day in various places. If your dog does not sit on its own after a few tries, avoid pushing it into a sitting position. Avoid yelling or punishment. Instead, try more valuable treats like fresh meat, hot dog pieces, string cheese, or liverwurst. Once your dog knows how to sit on cue, work on training the sit command in different places with varying levels of distractions . Include the front door and food bowl as regular training locations. This will make your dog more likely to sit when visiting guests or before feeding. It's good idea to give treats occasionally to reinforce the behavior. Once the dog becomes an expert at sitting, you won't be surprised. . . .

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