Train Your Small Dog On The Ground To Put It At Ease

Small dogs are more likely to be allowed to sleep in your bed and sit on your furniture. This can lead to pushy dogs who think their owners are there to cater to their every need. A well-trained dog is a much more pleasant companion than one with bad manners. Train a small dog on the ground to put it at ease. You can do this by getting down on the floor with your small dog or by putting it on a table or step. Once the dog is comfortable with training and learning new commands, you can begin to work on positive reinforcement training. Small dogs can do well at dog sports, such as jumping and Earthdog, as well as advanced dog training. Positive reinforcement training is a great way to train small dogs. Don't be surprised by the small dog's ability to learn new behaviors and perform well in a wide variety of activities. Small breeds often have smaller bladders than larger dogs. This means that they can't hold it as long as a larger dog. Your small breed dog may need a few extra trips outside each day. Be consistent with your training and proof behaviors in different environments. . . .

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