Dog Grooming: How To Keep Your Pet'S Hair From Falling Off Your Carpet

All breeds shed, even the breeds considered non-shedding. Most dogs have a seasonal shed in the spring and/or fall. During the greatest exposure to light, more hair is shed. House pets exposed to artificial light may shed all year long. Poodles and some terriers that are called non-dingding do shed. Instead of the hair-growing phase lasting a short time, their hair grows for years before it’s shed. These coats don’t tend to shed all at once. Mats can create bruises and lead to hot spots. The EZ-Groomer is a lightweight, claw-shaped comb that breaks up established matting. Tiny, shallow, close-fitting teeth pull off 80 to 90 percent of loose hairs. If you can't manage grooming yourself, have it professionally done. Dog Grooming is a weekly column on our website. Every Thursday, we look at the world of dog grooming. See the website/doggrooming for more information. . . .

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