'Pit Bull' Is Not A Dog That'S Really A Pit Bull: A Dog Owner'S Guide To Responsible Dog Training, Training, And Socialization

"Pit bull" is often used as a blanket term for dogs that resemble the American pit bull terrier or the American Staffordshire terrier. There is no such thing as a purebred pit bull. The name is used as an alternative for the purebred American pit Bull Terrier. Bull breeds share common ancestors, which is why they have such similar traits. Pit bulls have more stigma surrounding them due to their association with dogfighting. Many were bred for aggression and don't receive proper training or socialization. This is due to the association with dogsfighting, as well as their natural strength. Supporters of breed-specific legislation hope to ban all pit bull breeds. Opponents of BSL say banning breeds will not correct the problem. Most pit bull dogs are not dangerous. Many are affectionate companions and can even be good family dogs. . . .

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