Nutmeg Is A Common Spice Used In Baked Goods, And Your Dog Should Be Ok If You Accidentally Ingest It: Pet Poison Control News: Dog Poison Control

Nutmeg is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is a common ingredient in pantries across America. A small amount of nutmeg used in a recipe is unlikely to cause serious toxicity. It can cause stomach upset and it is best to completely avoid this ingredient. Nutmeg is also a common food ingredient used in baked goods. If your dog eats a single cookie or a bite of a pie that has nutmeg, they should be OK. The severity of Nutmeg toxicity varies greatly. It depends on the type and amount of nutsmeg ingested and the size of the pet. Symptoms can vary significantly, can take hours to develop, and can last for days. They could include vomiting, vomiting, difficulty walking and standing, and difficulty walking or standing. If you find your dog accidentally ingests nutmeg from baked goods, you should first remove the toxin from your dog’s reach. Contact your veterinary immediately. There are other doggy-friendly herbs and spices that can be added to nutmeg. Even with these options, it is still best to keep the quantities small. Too much of a concentrated or new ingredient always runs the risk of upset a dog's tummy. . . .

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