How To Find The Right Dog For Your First Home (And How To Care For Your First Dog)

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/HeroImages-GettyImages-522796723-56aa7d9f5f9b58b7d00772c1. jpg) Make Sure You're Ready to Get a Dog before you get a Dog. Decide what kind of dog is right for you.

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Then, find out where to find your first dog. A dog is a huge responsibility and usually requires a 12-15 year commitment. There are so many types of dogs to choose from. Decate what Kind of Dog is Right for You by considering the following factors. Size: Small, medium, large, or giant? Age: dog, adult or senior? The activity level is high energy, low energy, or somewhere in between? Many homeless dogs end up euthanized while waiting for their forever homes.

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You can make a difference in the life of one dog. That dog will be your friend for life. Do your research in advance and know what to expect from dog adoption. This way the process won't be too overwhelming. Look for breed-specific rescue groups for dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds, and personalities. Find a responsible dog breeder to avoid dog breeders.

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Avoid buying a dog through online classified ads, pet shops, or flea markets. These are often dogs from the dog mills. If you know the dog belongs to a legitimate adoption group or know the seller's name and history, it's best to be careful. It is time to get ready for the world of dog ownership after finding your new best friend.

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