How To Safely Feed Celery To Your Dog: Health Benefits Of Celery And How To Include It In Your Dog'S Diet (Cnn)

Celery is one of the many vegetables safe to feed dogs in a small amount. Not all dogs like eating celery, but if your dog likes the crunchy taste of raw carrots or apples, he might like munching on some celery too. You can read on to learn more about the health benefits of celery and how to safely include celery in your dog’s diet. Celery is fat free, high in fiber, and very low in calories. Celry crunching is good for your dog's teeth and gums. A celery stalk that is about 7 to 8 inches long has fewer than 6 calories. In moderation, celery should make up less than 10 percent of a dog's entire diet. If your dog gets upset stomach when eating Celery, don't feed him celery. Instead substitute with a different crunchy food like cut up apples or another food that’ll be easier on his stomach. Dog Nutrition & Food is a weekly column on the website. Every week we visit the DogFood website for a new column on dog nutrition and food. . . .

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