Therapy Dogs Can Bring Comfort And Joy To People In Hospitals, Nursing Homes, And Community Residences

The ideal therapy dog is well trained, well-socialized, and truly loved by people. Therapy dogs bring comfort and joy to people in hospitals, nursing homes, and other community homes. Any breed of dog can take on this important role. Therapy animals are trained to comfort and affectionate people. They are gentle and good to humans they have never met. Enroll in the CKC Canine Good Citizen Program (CGC) to begin your exploration of therapy training. The CGC certification is a requirement for many therapy dog programs. After the CGC test, your dog should be ready to start targeted training for therapy. To succeed in a therapy setting, your therapy dog must be able to: Stay relaxed and happy amid unfamiliar surroundings and people. Calmly tolerate unexpected noise and movement. Ignore distractions. It will readily focus on its handler and obey commands. Dogs fed a raw diet are not allowed to participate in some programs. The process can be very involved and sometimes quite difficult. Many dedicated dog owners find it all well worth it in the end. The final evaluation is to become an official animal-assisted therapy team. A trained therapy dog will know about 30 important commands. Once you and your dog are a certified therapy team, you can begin visiting therapy facilities. This is the ultimate test of your dog's behavior in real-world settings. You will bring a smile to many peoples' faces. Not all dogs are made to be a therapy dog. Some dogs may not have the right temperament or attention span to handle the job. Certain breeds are best suited to the job . One example is the golden retriever. Each dog is different, so don't be disappointed if yours doesn't make it. . . .

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