Jordyn Baker Talks About The Benefits Of Agility Training With The Spruce Pets

(max_bytes(150000):strip_iccio /unnamed 4-fdd1b91a3e3842c8978111e965b24d42. jpg) Jordyn Baker is a 19-year-old student at The University of Southern Maine. She competes in competitions around the world with her rescue dog, Bentli.

Jordyn Baker and her dog Bentli on an agility course

Baker spoke with The Spruce Pets about the many benefits of the dog training and the changing landscape. There's no age requirement or limit to the amount of training you do. The training can be taught at any age. The Border collie started learning to target and pursue toys when she was 10 weeks old.

Jordyn Baker with her rescue dog, Bentili at an agility competition.

If your dog is bouncing off the walls all day, a sport like running could help. Brachycephalic breeds, such as pugs, French bulldogs and old English bulldogs, are genetically engineered to not be able to breath. Some dogs really do prefer to just be house pets. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is no size requirement for the jump, says the trainer. Do research on the person you’re training with and see if their values align with yours. There are some really, really good Chihuahuas in the dog world. One of them was in Westminster . Rescue dogs, especially those rescued from bad situations, can do great things. Border collies and Shetland sheepdogs are very prominent in the running of the show. . .

Betli competing at 2022 Team USA European Open Team Tryouts.


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