Max And Nugget Taught Me A Lot As Pets, But Their Trust Doesn'T Really Extend Beyond The Matriarch: Crystal Duan'S Family Cat

Max and Nugget are both from the Oregon Humane Society. They've taught me a lot as pets because we don't exactly get along. Thanks to my mother, they've learned to trust again. That’s the good news. But their trust doesn’t really extend beyond the matriarch. Max is a gray and white, short-haired cat with a stubby tail. He's a stereotypical indifference feline. His owner dotes on him. He meows ferociously at most people who get too close to him.

Max, Crystal Duna's gray and white family cat

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/nugget-79ec77237c574aa79a0f675753dbedd1. jpg) Crystal Duan's two pets, Max and Nuggets, have taught her patience. Nugget is a Siamese lynx mix. He has a white spotted coat and big blue eyes. Max will hiss at me if I look at him too long sometimes.

Nugget, Crystal Duan's family cat

Crystal says. . . .

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