How To Train Your Dog To Be A Good Citizen: The Akc Canine Good Citizen Program

The Canine Good Citizen Program is made by the American Kennel Club. It encourages dog owners to teach their dogs good manners. The test trains your dog to be well-behaved and calm in any situation. Dogs of any breed or mix can earn their certification. There is no minimum age requirement for the Canine good Citizen test. The AKC recommends that the dogs who pass the Canines Good Citizen test be retested once they become adults. Socialize Your Puppy: Get your dog used to different people and handling techniques. You can use the "look" command to keep your dog's attention on you in every situation. Positive reinforcement training, such as clickser training, is a great way to work on basic commands and loose leashes walking. Practice basic obedience and socialization at home. A dog has to complete all 10 of the skills on the CanINE Good Citizen exam before it can retake it at a later date. If your dog fails the test once, you should work on proofing the behaviors. . Watch Now: All you need to know about CanineGood Citizen Puppies on the website of the AkC . Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter @CinemaRescue on Twitter and Instagram. . . .

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