'Down' Or 'Lie Down' Is An Important Basic Command For Your Dog To Learn

"Down" or "lie down" is a basic command for your dog to learn. It's the first step in some dog tricks. This includes the popular rollover. Practice allows your dog's body to perfect its down position. It is an easy command to teach. Put five to ten minutes in an area free of distractions. If you are training with your dog, be sure to have your clicker handy. It may be best to have short training sessions once or twice a day. The sessions are held in various places, including both indoor and outdoor. When your dog can successfully lie down on command, it's time to introduce your release word. This is what you say when you give permission for the dog to get up. Many people use the word "OK" for the release cue, but any word will work. Next time your dog lies down, say “down,” then praise and reward it. After all, your dog wants to please you and the treats are just a bonus. . Do not scream at or punish your dog. This will only discourage him. If your dog doesn't respond well to the usual treats, try a more valuable treat like fresh meat. Do not push your dog into position after a few tries as he will not lie down. . . .

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