(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/buddyboo-76195bea09104d078efc4a64efa3d096. jpg) Pomeranian Boo gained fame in 2012 when his mom created a Facebook page for him. He passed away in January 2019 at the age of 12.

boo and buddy

He joined his brother Buddy in dog heaven. His owners believe he died of a broken heart after Buddy’s loss. Grumpy Cat became famous in May 2012 when a photo of her resting grump face led to many social media posts, national media appearances, a book deal, and so much more. Lil Bub held the Guiness World Record for longest fur on a cat (approximately 9 inches). He then took control of the newsfeed HQ. Marnie's Facebook page says: "Adopt senior dogs!.

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