How To Tell If A Dog Is About To Bite

Growling and snapping are probably the most obvious signs that a dog is about to bite. Dogs growl or snap to let you know they are unhappy or uncomfortable. If a dog growls or snails at you when you approach them, it's time to give them some space. A happy dog may wag its tail and get their whole body involved. A dog who is about ready to bite is usually fairly rigid. Their tail will be pointed high and moving more quickly back and forth. Hair on the back of the neck between the shoulders stands up. The dog's body language is a dead giveaway when they are about to become aggressive. Lip Licking, Yawning and Averting Gaze are more overt signs of a fearful dog. You can see the whites of a dog's eye (Sylvera) when they move their head slightly but don't move their eyes. Whale eye is a sign of anxiety in dogs. . . .

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