Teaching Your Dog To Play Dead Is A Great Trick By Clicker Training Route, Be Sure To Have Your Clicker Handy

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/train-dog-to-play-dead-1117293-02-34b71b20b77740049f785c488729619f. jpg) Playing dead is a great trick to teach your dog to play dead. All you need is a handful of tasty treats and you are ready to start training your dog.

a woman teaching an Australian shepherd to play dead

If your dog jumps up from playing dead faster than you want it to, you can train it to lie there longer.

Offering a treat

Practice this a few times.

Starting in the down position

Then, add a few more seconds each time. Gently push the dog over onto its side. When the dog is in the correct position,click yourclicker. Don't stop training sessions if your dog seems frustrated, tired, or worn out. Always try to end sessions on a positive and successful note. . . .

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