The Spruce Pets.Com Asks Shelter Volunteers What They Name Their Dogs

Spruce Pets. com asked shelter volunteers around the country what they name their dogs. Meghan Overdeep, a senior staff writer at Southern Living, trained dogs for the Brooklyn-based rescue Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for five years.

Rachel Syme's tweet about the dogs at the shelter where she volunteers.

She saw how the organization named all their dogs wacky names so they would attract the attention of potential pet parents. The names tend to match the animal's personalities. Foster parents, who care for some of the litters before they are adopted, usually name them. Staff and volunteers love picking random names for the animals. One feisty cat was named Charlie Chaplin. Claudia Guthrie is a volunteer at Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. She says the animals are often taken from shelters in Texas, which influences their names. Guthrie says the cats' names have ties to where their roots came from. The shelter is based in Denver, Colorado.

Claudia holds up a big cat at the shelter

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/marykate-pupjpeg-9016df3209664542bbce7a5ca1c10c20. jpg) Mary Kate Williams is a dog-volunteer at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri. She names litters of puppies and kittens after different types of Penguin. Williams also uses themes that differentiate litters from dogs or cats at the shelter. She loved animals and wanted to give them lots of love.

Mary Kate Williams works with a pup on her lap

The animals come from happy accidents like Bungo the Chihuahua. . . .

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