Teach Your Puppy To Stop Biting Before It Gets Out Of Hand

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/man-playing with his dog on the couch at home-717167593-5c24432846e0fb0001251aa1. jpg) All dogs bite and chew, but it’s important to teach bite inhibition and stop a dog bite before it gets out of hand. Teaching bite inhibition not only protects people and prevents heartbreak, but can also save your life.

Man playing with his dog on the couch at home

An accidental bite could label your dog as a "very dangerous dog ". Puppies must learn the bite inhibition technique while young. Other pups are the best teachers and pups learn by interacting with their parents and siblings.

Sheepdogs playing

Mom-dog stops the games if he gets too rough. Junior learns his limits. Yelling or physical punishment won't explain what s wrong. It can make the bite worse. The bite can be interpreted as you're "barking" just like him. It also can escalate his exciting behavior. Instead of yelping when the bite becomes uncomfortable, say "oooooooooh" in a gentle tone. Once your baby develops a soft mouth, teach him to stop mouthing on request and never to initiate pouthing. Periodic training sessions are essential throughout his life. A good drill might be to allow the dog to mouth for 15 seconds, then say "off" and offer a food reward. . . .

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