The "Wait" Command Is A Great Way To Keep Your Dog From Bolting Out Of The Crate Or Bolting Out Of The Door

The "wait" command tells dogs to focus on you, stay where they are and not move forward until you release them. This command is especially helpful to prevent your dog from bolting out the door or out of the crate. To practice, use the "wait' command every time you let the dog go outside or leave the crate door. If your dog holds on to the command for several seconds or longer, you can open the door a little wider. Always be ready to close the door quickly when your dog starts to move or lunge outside. After practicing "wait for a few days", your dog should be able to stand still with the door wide open until you give the command "free" or "go ahead" for release. You can also teach your dog how to wait in other contexts, like waiting for food. If the dog starts barking or disobey the command, go back to the beginning. Do a few training sessions at the door to help them get back on the good behavior. You could also take this command to the next level and introduce a trick. Many dog owners train their dog not to touch a ball or a favorite toy. . . .

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