Dog Clickers: How To Teach Your Dog The Meaning Of A Clicking Sound (And What To Do With It)

Dog clicks are a metal strip inside a small plastic box that makes a distinct sound when pressed. To teach a dog the meaning of the click, a treat is given immediately after the clicks. Pet owners can find them at most major pet stores. They are relatively cheap. The sound of the clicks instantly tells the dog that what it has done will earn it a reward. To emphasize this, clicks should be followed by treats. Since you will be offering a lot of treats, try to use smaller (but still tasty) treats that your dog will enjoy. Teach your dog basic commands using the clickser. At the exact moment your dog performs the desired action, press the button and give your dog a treat. Repeat the process five to 10 times. For advanced training, it can be very effective to use a few clicks. A common mistake when using a clicker is to forget the praise. Don't ignore a dog's need for praise, love, and affection from its owner. If your dog has a low food-drive or isn't driven by rewards, the dog training won't be effective. . . .

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