Spinal Stenosis Is A Painful Disease Affecting The Lower Level Of The Spinal Cord Of A Dog

Spinal stenosis is a painful disease that affects the lower level of the spinal cord of a dog. It can cause urinary, bowel, and walking problems. Knowing what this disease is and how it is diagnosed can help you in case your dog is diagnosed with this problem. Most dogs have difficulty using their hind limbs. This is due to inflammation of the nerves and muscles. A dog with spinal stenosis may not be able to pick up their tail or wag it. Some dogs get anxious about their tail and chew it to the point of mutilation. Incontinence may also cause a dog to lose control of its bladder and bowels. It means it develops as a dog ages. It is thought that genetics may play a role in this disease, especially in German shepherd and possibly other working dog breeds. Some breeds are born with abnormally shaped vertebrae. This can lead to spinal canal stenosis. The prognosis for dogs with spinal stosis is good, even if surgery is performed. The laminectomy should restore the functioning of the hind legs. Postoperative care includes medications to manage pain and inflammation. . . .

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