Chewing Is Normal For Puppies And Dogs To Chew, But It Takes Time And Consistent Training, Says Thesprucepets

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/NatalieShuttleworth-5c3b7d4846e0fb0001ae57a9. jpg) Puppies chew to relieve discomfort while teething. Dogs are social animals and need stimulation for their mental health.

puppy teething

You can put a stop to your dog's destructive behavior, but it takes time and consistent training. It is normal for dogs and pups to chew. Puppies should not have the full run of your home until they are completely trained. Don't leave electrical wires, houseplants, garbage pails, children's toys, and anything else you don't want your dog to chew or knock over. Many people use the kitchen because it's easier to clean up accidents. Chewing helps prevent teetering pain, and it relieves the pain. To prevent your dog from getting in the habit of inappropriate chewing, make sure you provide it with lots of appropriate things to chew on. Don't give your dog treats in exchange for an inappropriate object it has in its mouth.

Puppy chewing a toy

Make your dog’s toy more interesting by squeezing a toy or shaking a bone while talking to it in a happy tone of voice. A happy dog is a tired dog. Be sure to give the dog enough playtime and cuddle time. Make walks a part of your pet's daily routine. A dog who gets regular exercise is much more likely to be well behaved. If you suspect that your pet is sick, call your Vet. . . .

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