Hand Signals Can Be Used To Train A Dog, But It'S Not As Easy As You Might Think, A Dog Trainer Tells Dog Owners News, Weather & Sports

Hand signals can be used to train a dog. It's just as easy as verbal commands. It is sign language; you use your hands to signal to your dog what you want it to do, such as sit or lie down. Dogs are good at reading body language. Hand signals are used instead of verbal commands to get your dog's attention. Your dog must be able to see the hand signal, so it's looking at you. It can be best to introduce this training in a distraction-free environment to avoid distractions. Many people find it easier to teach their dogs basic commands by hand signals before spoken commands. There are some hand signals recognized by most dog trainers. You might like to start with them first. You can also create your own hand signals separately from verbal commands . Be patient and consistent and keep training sessions limited to your dogs' attention span. Older dogs are able to stay active longer than the dogs that are older. Follow the usual training steps for the command you're working on. If your dog starts to disobey the visual commands, it is time to do more training sessions to reinforce the previous lessons. Go back to step one and work on each command just as you did in the beginning. It likely won't take as long for them to pick it up again. . . .

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