How To Ease Your Puppy'S Fears Of A Car Ride, So He Won'T Throw Fits And Get Sick On The Drive

Some pups throw fits, cry, and even get sick on the drive. Find out what you can do to ease those fears so your new dog will grow into an excellent traveling companion. Many car rides end up at the veterinary clinic for shots and unpleasantly cold thermometers. Associate cars with fun, happy experiences instead of just a trip to the vet. This process, called desensitization, takes patience and time. It works whether a pet acts scared, sick, or just hyper. Once a dog realizes a car ride means wonderful things, it will look forward. Sit in the front seat of the car while your dog is eating or distracted behind the steering wheel. Then get out, so it's okay when you're in the back seat. A dog in the rear seat is a distraction. You need to keep your attention on your driving. With persistence, you can have a pet who not only tolerates car rides , but looks forward to them. . . .

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