Walking With Your Dog At A 'Heel' Is More Formal Than Walking Your Dog On A Loose Leash, But You'Ll Need Plenty Of Treats For Training

Walking with your dog at a "heel" is more formal than walking your dog on a loose string. You will need to have a lot of treats on hand for training (especially when introducing a new or difficult command) so choose treats that your dog absolutely can't resist. Start with your pet sitting on your left side and tell it to "heal. " Hold a handful of treats or the wooden spoon close to your dog's nose and tell him to 'heel. ' Give the dog a treat and then take a step before giving it another. If your dog breaks out of a heel at any point, you may be moving ahead too quickly. You can give your dog treats but slowly phase them out. Slowly add more and more distance to the walk with fewer treats. It's not uncommon for dogs to break out of the heel when learning this command. Your patience and consistency are key to working through some of the challenges you'll face. If the dog makes several mistakes in a row, just go back to giving it more treats. The Humane Society of the U. S. would love it if your dog could text you. Watch Now: If Your Dog Could Text, They Say this. . . .

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