Rolling On Your Dog'S Back Is A Good Way To Show You'Re Taking Care Of Your Pet'S Health

A dog will roll on its back for a number of reasons. Some of them are simple behavioral cues and quirky. Other instances could be a sign of something more. Dogs that get into an allergy flare can get very itchy. They may scratch themselves so much that they develop a secondary bacterial skin infection. A dog rolling on its stomach and showing its belly is a signal of submission. It can be a way of saying, "Hey, please don't hurt me, I mean you no harm. " If your dog is very timid, you may also see submissive poop in conjunction. Dogs will roll in goose poop to mask their own scent. It's easier to stalk the geese at the park if you smell like them. Cleaning your yard of anything malodorous can help keep your dog fresh and clean. . . .

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