Dominance And Dominant Behaviors In Dogs: A Dog'S Way Of Showing He Is Friendly And Approachable

Many people misunderstand the meaning of submissive and dominant behaviors in dogs. Submissive behavior is a dog's way of showing he is friendly and approachable. Dominance cannot exist without submission. In a relationship with a dog, one party is only dominant when the dog offers submission. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/fixing-submissive-excitement-urination-111894d024b53877b4d3c7647c851. jpg) Submissive urination is also called exciting urination. Dogs may do this to show deference to another party, but it may also occur due to fear or anxiety.

Dog sitting next to a puddle of urine

Do not scold or punish your dog for urinating. It can make the problems worse. Many dogs show their bellies or roll onto their side or back when approached by a person or animal. This is often a sign of submission, but sometimes it is an invitation to play or a request for belly rubs. Look for other signs of submission or playfulness. Lashing another dog's nose is one way for a dog to communicate respect. Grinning with exposed teeth should not be confused with bared teeth. Subsubmissive behaviors may occur before play or as a reaction to perceived danger. When a dog shows submissive behaviors towards you, he may be showing respect and holding you in a position of authority. . . .

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