Why Is Your Dog Afraid Of People It Doesn'T Know? Here'S What You Need To Know? (Nsfw)

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/dogs-and-fear ofstrangers-1117882 _FINAL-066f3a8aa8d74541b0974d22f955cd91. jpg) Some dogs suffer from extreme fear of strangers. They cower, tremble, and try to hide from any new person they meet.

Why Is Your Dog Afraid of People It Doesn't Know? Here are some reasons.

The ideal reaction is one of open friendliness, not hiding or running away. If your dog is fearful around strangers, it's a good idea to understand the reasons why. All dogs react differently when they're afraid. Teaching a dog not to be afraid takes lots of time and consistent training. Some dogs never learn to fully accept strangers. However, you may be able to lessen your dog's fear to some extent. Do not force your fearful dog to meet people or accept pets if it does not want them. The dogs with very severe behavior may need to go to a safe place in the home away from visitors. They can rest and not be anxious when visitors come. A crate makes a perfect place for your dog to escape to when it gets too anxious. It may also be helpful to use a thunder shirt or to spray down a dog's pheromones in its safe spot. Muzzles are not used for punishment and nylon or cloth muzzles were not recommended outside a veterinary office. . . .

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