How To Keep Your Puppy Safe While You'Re At Work: Https://Www

Most accidents happen when a dog chews on an electrical or telephone cord. Most household cases of electrical shock in dogs aren’t deadly and may not be serious. A central nervous system injury may affect breathing, cause seizures, and affect other bodily functions. Pets who survive can suffer permanent nerve damage. Shut off the power. Electrical current may cause muscle contractions that make your dog bite down even harder and stop the cord from being released. If you don’t know how to shut off the main electrical supply, find rubber gloves and wear them to pull out the plug from the wall. If the dog falls apart and stops breathing, give a quick breath. Electrical shock victims must be seen by a veterinary doctor as soon as possible. A frozen 'pup-cicle' can combine antibiotics, local anesthesia, and cold to ease the discomfort of eating. . . .

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