Texas Lizards: 10 Of The Most Fascinating Creatures In The Lone Star State

Texas is the largest state in the US.

six lined racerunner in grass

It is teeming with wildlife of all kinds. The sun is perfect for lizards to soak it all up. Each species has its own preference for living situations that require different environmental factors. Fortunately, none are poisonous. The Texas horned lizard is one of 14 horned species that exist. They are a threatened species. Their numbers have decreased with time. You can help preserve them by leaving them in nature, where they belong. They mainly eat harvester ants and spiders. The Texas spiny lizard is a curious little reptile that shies away. It spends most of its time camouflaged among nature. They are one of 10 spiny species in Texas. These lizards are in the pet trade, so you can own them as pets. The Eastern collared lizards come in a variety of gorgeous color patterns. They are distinguishable by the two black rings around their neck. You can keep these creatures as pets but they are hard to care for in the wild. Their diet consists of grasshoppers, crickets, and even other lizards. Mediterranean house geckos are common in the wild, but equally so among any reptile enthusiast. They are a very easy pet to own. This makes them great for beginners and beginner owners alike. In the wild they are super easy to feed, eating mealworms and super-worms. Skinks have a large diet, snacking on millipedes, larvae, grasshoppers, and caterpillars.

American Five-Lined Skink

They can eat larger prey, too, like mice, frogs, and other lizards. Skinks enjoy soft, damp soil and areas with lots of coverage. The Texas alligator lizard lives up to its name.

Western Slender Glass Lizard

It looks like their alligator relatives from its distance. They are slow movers with perfect vision. They are not only the largest lizard in Texas, but one of the biggest in the world. Due to their size, they hunt larger animals. The slender glass lizard is quite a big lizard in Texas. It can reach lengths of 42 inches at times. They are legless, meaning they take on the look of a snake with some notable differences. They typically eat small snakes, other lizards, and anthropoids. They can break off their tails as a defense mechanism. The six-lined racerunner is a loner lizard found in southern US states and Mexico.

six lined racerunner lizard

The prairie lizard is a curious specimen. It is found all over Texas and in neighboring states. The whiptail lizards are active on the hottest of days. They move with no issues in the heat of the sun. The Texas banded gecko is very recognizable because of the horizontal, thick lines down its body.


They are nocturnal lizards that hunt small insects and termites. They stay very small and can live up to 25 years in the wild. They have a unique defense mechanism where it will point its tail like a. Texas is the right environment for lizards to flourish. These unique creatures vary in size, appearance, and temperament. Which one of these interesting reptiles is your favorite Texan lizard? You can share your thoughts in the comments below. Mail Online back to home. Back to the page you came from. .

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