How To Name Your Cat In Russia: Russian Cat Names

(Images: Getty/Volanthevist-b55ba2eeaa1545d09bbff9f0b0b 0dc3e18. jpg) Russia is the homeland of several cat breeds. Russian cat names are an excellent choice for a new cat or adult cat.

White, tan and gray cat with green eyes and collar named Mia

Russia’s beautiful language and interesting history and culture gives many great name ideas for your cat or cat. Some Russian cat breeds are rare and exotic. (Images: Getty) Consider your cat’d unique traits like color, sex and personality when choosing his or her new name. Many Russian names are variations of names from other languages, but with a Russian twist. Knowing the meaning of a name you like can help you decide if the name is a good fit.

Russian blue cat looking up

Classic masculine Russian names can be wonderful choices for boy cats and kitties. Naming your cat "kitten" or "lion" is far from exciting when you do it in another language. From names that express your love and admiration of cats to names that are a play on words, check out these Russian cat name ideas. . . .

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