How To Teach Your Puppy To Use Its Teeth Gently And Avoid Biting Too Hard (And Not Hurting The Victim)

Puppies should learn to use their teeth gently. Bite inhibition is not particularly difficult to teach. It does require commitment and consistency from the owner. The training is essential and worth it. It will prevent your dog from biting too hard. This is called bite inhibition. Bite inhibit is a training method that teaches dogs to bite without exerting pressure. While bite inhibition doesn't completely prevent bite, it does teach dogs to stop bite without causing real harm. Teaching a dog bite inhibition can mean the difference between a little nip from your dog and a bite that sends the dog to the hospital. The first step of teaching bite inhibition is teaching your dog to use its mouth softly. If a dog nips a littermate too hard, the other dog usually yelps or stops playing. Start by teaching the dog the "take it" command. Praise the dog immediately when it comes back off and give it a treat. Practice this through several training sessions until your dog responds to the command every time. You should now have a dog who never uses its mouth without being invited. A common mistake is to suppress the bite by throwing the dog out. Work on bite inhibition in different situations and continue to reinforce it daily. If there is a time when the dog (or dog) does bite, they will likely bite hard. . . .

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