Staring At The Wall: How To Stop Your Dog From Staring At The Wall

Dogs can exhibit a variety of behaviors that may seem odd to most people. Some of these behaviors, such as staring at a wall, can be completely normal or have valid reasons for occurring. Others can be an indication of a problem, like an insect or rodent problem. Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) can cause a dog to be confused or do things without logical explanation. Some dogs with CCD will bark for no apparent reason, urinate in the house even though they are housebroken, and even look at walls. CCD is caused by changes in the brain as a dog ages. Seizures can look like this in a number of ways. Focal or partial seizures can be very subtle. They can even cause your dog to freeze while standing up and staring off into space. If your dog has a seizure that lasts for more than five minutes or has more than one in a 24 hour period, you should bring your dog in to see a veterinary professional. Licking, barking, flanking, circling, pacing, or even staring at the wall can become a habit or compulsive behavior for a dog. Compulsive behaviors are bad habits that don't result in any reward for the dog. Before treating it as an unwanted behavior, ensure there is not a medical reason for it to occur. How to Stop Your Dog From Staring at the Wall. . . .

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