Retired Greyhounds Need Homes Now That Florida Ban Is In Place: How To Adopt A Retired Greyhound In Your Area!

Florida has banned greyhound racing. The state currently has 11 of the country’s 17 active Greyhound tracks. Thousands of homeless Greyhounds will be searching for homes when the ban goes into place. There are no verifiable statistics on how many un-raceable Greyhays get adopted. Greyhaying are incredibly adaptable dogs who adjust well to household living. Grey hounds are known for their social personalities, as well as their companionability, beauty, and gentleness. Retired greyhound owners should not be allowed to roam freely in non-fenced areas. There is many organizations you can turn to to adopt a Greyhound. The adoption process varies by organization. Rescue fees vary but are generally comparable to what you would pay for other dog adoptions. You will be responsible for meeting some of the key requirements of their humans. With so many currently needing homes and due to need homes in the near future, you have the opportunity to make a big impact not just for the dog who you adopt, but for the breed as a whole. . . .

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