Keppra Is Used To Treat Seizures In Dogs And Can Be Dislodged From The Dog'S Body In Less Than 6 Hours (Video)

Keppra is a newer medication that can be used for treating seizures in dogs. Seizures and epilepsy are common for dogs. A seizure happens when the brain's neurons are quickly and continuously discharging. Seeing your dog go through a seizure can be very painful. Keppra can be taken by itself or in conjunction with other medications. It is broken down in the body, with a half-life between four and six hours. It does not need to be dosed more often than other anticonvulsant medications. Most dogs like levetiracetam quite well. Side effects in dogs may include drowsiness, changes in behavior, and gastrointestinal symptoms. Extended-release tablets must be intact, not split or criss-crossed, or too much of the medication will be released at once. . . .

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