Heartworm Disease: What You Need To Know About The Parasites And How To Prevent Them From Spreading To Your Dog

Heartworms are internal parasites that cause harm to dogs. They can grow up to a foot long. At one time, hundreds of them can grow inside an animal. The scientific name for heartworms is Dirofilaria immitis. When a bitten animal gets tiny heartworms from a bite it takes the blood of an infected animal. Heartworms can interfere with the natural blood flow in a dog. Adult heartworms can swell up to 2cm long. These worm can clog the blood vessels and damage the heart and lungs. Symptoms of heartworm disease include respiratory issues, exercise intolerance, blue discoloration of the skin and gums. Dogs that test positive for heartworm are usually recommended to have their activity restricted and receive medication to kill the parasites. The only sign of heart worm infection in a person is a nodule that shows up on an X-ray. . . .

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