How To Treat Your Cockatiel'S Digestive Problems With A Simple Stool Test

Domestic birds, such as cockatiels, can suffer from a variety of digestive problems, including diarrhea.

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Cockatiels with diarrhea produce liquid feces. It is a mixture of urate and urine. Cockatiels are usually quite watery due to their high urine content. Diarrhea and constipation in pet birds are symptoms linked to a more general digestive problem. A distinction must be made between diarrhea and polyuria. Polyuria is characterized by an increase in urine because of the droppings. Polyuria is not always due to disease. It may simply result from eating too many fruits. : It is crucial to treat diarrhea early to avoid serious complications for your cockatiel.

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After seeing your Vet, you will also need to make sure the symptoms do not return. To do this, follow the following recommendations. Look closely at the behavior of your cockatiel. Make sure your cockatiel is drinking enough water.


Make sure your bird is not drinking and showing significant listlessness. Place your cockatiel in a warm, quiet room away from the noise of the home. : Psittacosis is an infectious disease caused by a microorganism called Chlamydia psittaci.

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Birds that can contract the infection include parrot, cockatiel, parakeets, macaws, canaries, pigeons, chickens, duck, and turkeys. The bacteria are excreted in droppings or nasal secretions of infected birds. : The infection varies in severity.


It ranges from mild flu-like illness to acute pneumonia. Symptoms usually appear four to 15 days after exposure to the bacteria. The bacteria can be identified and laboratory tests can recognize signs of infection. This disease responds well to specific drug treatment with antibiotics. .

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