Feeding Your Cockatiel The Right Diet Can Help Him Live A Long And Healthy Life: Animal Care & Health Association Of North Texas (Acn)


feeding a cockatiel

. Cockatiels can live as long as 15 years, but they need the right care to stay healthy. The right diet is an important part of making sure your cockatiel survives and thrives. Wild cockatiels eat a variety of seeds, nuts, grasses, and fruits. Cockatiels should be fed a mixture of pellets and seeds. It should be about 75% pellets to 25% seeds. Most fruits, but not fruit seeds, are safe for cockatiels to eat. Most healthy, unprocessed human foods can also be eaten by cockatiels. Cockatiels can eat fresh, cooked, or frozen vegetables. Make sure to wash all fresh vegetables and cut them into small pieces before feeding. If you are cooking vegetables for your cockatiel, don't add salt or spices. Cockatiels can safely eat several different grains. Cockatiels can safely eat a wide variety of healthy human foods. Some foods are neither safe nor healthy for cockatiels. They should be avoided. Processed, high in fat and salt, or greasy foods should not be fed to cockatiels. Chocolate, foods with caffeine, and alcohol are all toxic to cockatiels. They should be avoided. Cockatiels love seeds and would probably pick them over most other foods if given the choice.


If you adopt an adult cockatiel, it’s possible that they might be a seed-eater only and turn up their beaks at your attempts to offer healthier food. Healthy cockatiels can eat a variety of foods. Many healthy human foods are safe for your cockatiel to eat. If you ever question whether certain foods are safe, consult your doctor. Always remember that variety is the life-spice and while you should generally avoid spices, keep variety in your cockatiel’s. .

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