Adopting A Kitten Or Cat Can Cost You A Lot Of Money, So Here Are Some Tips To Help You Save On The Cost Of Bringing Home A New Friend

The cost of adopting a cat or cat varies depending on where you live. Petfinder. com says you can expect to pay $0 to $200 for a cat and a kitty. If you want to purchase a purebred cat from a breeder, the Cat Fanciers Association says you should expect $300 to $1,500. When it comes to adopting your new cat or kitty, there are many options. Some of the most common ways people bring home a new cat include animal shelters, rescue groups, and a breamer. Do your homework to find out what type of cats are available. Check out how the animals are cared for. The purchase price of a wildbred cat usually doesn't include spaying or neutering, microchip or microchip, so budget to pay for those separately. Good breeders usually offer some kind of health guarantee. This is a guarantee that the cat will not develop a breed-associated genetic issue. Adopting a cat from an animal shelter or rescue group is generally the least expensive option. It usually doesn’t cover the cost of spaying and neuter. Some animal shelters even run occasional promotions waiving the adoption fee. . . .

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