Bordetella Is A Bacterial Infection That Contributes To Kennel Cough In Dogs

Bordetella is a bacterial infection that contributes to dog cough in dogs. Dogs catch Bordetella from other dogs in group settings. Vaccinating your dog against this bacteria is a good idea before boarding, grooming appointments, training classes, or socializing at dog parks. Bordetell symptoms are specific to the respiratory system. They can be particularly severe in dogs under six months old. The time between exposure to Bordetlla and a dog showing active symptoms can be from 2 days to 2 weeks. Most symptoms of Bordatella are similar to those of other respiratory illnesses. They are diagnosed by a physical examination, taking a dog’s temperature, and listening to the chest for any sounds of fluid. Clinical signs of coughing, fever, and nasal discharge are usually enough for a diagnosis of Bordetitis. The Bordetononella is contagious to other dogs. Most dog boarding places require vaccination before dogs can visit. The most common vaccine protects against Bordetela bronchiseptica, but vaccines also exist that combine Bordetello - protection with canine parainfluenza. . . .

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