Prevention Of Dog Bites: How To Train Your Dog To Be A Good Dog Owner And Be A Better Dog Dog Owner

According to the Centers for Disease Control, dogs bite around 4. 5 million people each year. The training to prevent dog bite involves proper socialization, providing structure and building your dog's confidence. Spay or neuter, positive reinforcement and dog reinforcement can help avoid dog bite. A well-socialized dog is far less likely to be fearful in new situations. If your dog is no longer a dog, you can still work on adult socialization. Don't assume that because a dog is a certain breed or size, it won't bite. An obedient dog is easier to control. Obedience training provides structure for your dog and increases its confidence. By using positive dog training methods, you reduce the likelihood of dog bite . A dog that is afraid or unhappy about having its territory invaded has the potential to bite. Behaviors such as bared teeth, raised hackles, a lowered head, or ears lying flat against the head are signs that a dog's dog is uncomfortable. If you know when the dog is most likely to growl or bite, you want to be sure that the dog can now handle that situation without resorting to aggression. It's not a good idea to startle or scare your dog. It is helpful to slowly introduce challenges to make sure your dog can handle them. If you believe your dog may be aggressive, or if it has bitten someone already, it's time to call in a professional. . . .

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