Your Kitten'S First Year As It Develops: How To Keep It Safe And Happy In Your Home (And Out Of Your Pet'S Reach)

Your kitten will go through some notable changes during 6 months to 1 year of age. Your cat will be more confident and comfortable to freely explore their environments and voluntarily play with other existing pets and you. Your kitten will start growing into its features and start to look more like an adult cat. Your kitty should weigh about 6 pounds at six months of age and should also have received all of its vaccinations. To avoid having a male cat that sprays urine to mark its territory, get your male cat neutered or your female cat spayed as soon as possible. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc/your-kittens-first-year-552271_ Final-e950dmedia75a34464f349604e9b0360e. jpg (image) Your Kitten may start to sleep more during the day just like an older cat does. Expect more than half the day to be filled with cat naps. The kitty's confidence level will be higher than when you were a toddler.

illustration of a kitten's first year as it develops

Cats can get pregnant as young as six months old. Supervision is still a necessity, as larger pets like dogs can still do damage to an eight-month-old cat. Kittens do not respond to force. If you are trying to train it to do or not do something, you need to use force. By nine months old, your adolescent cat is almost full grown and all of the baby teeth should be gone. Monitor your cat's bite and chewing behaviors closely. Make sure they do not get out of hand. Your pet should never bite a person or other pet unwound. Your baby cat is now one year old. At this point, he is equivalent to a teenage human. Most cats are full-grown by one year of birth. From here on out, your cat will simply grow mentally. Always use gentle and positive training methods and give it a good scratch behind the ears. The kitten will have adult teeth by six months. This is the most certain way to know how old your kitten is. Start by keeping them apart but gradually introducing them by scent. . . .

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