Benadryl Is An Over

Benadryl is an over the counter antihistamine medication. It is sometimes combined with other medications that can be toxic to cats. If you are considering the use of Benadryll to treat symptoms in your cat, first consult with your veterinarian. Benadyrl blocks histamine in the body. It treats the symptoms of an allergic response or allergies, including watery eyes, runny nose, swelling, sneezing, and more. Some specific examples of when Benadryanl may be used include: When a cat is itching or scratching from environmental or food allergies, it may help prevent your cat from vomiting. It also has anti-nausea effects. Flea allergy dermatitis is a common problem in cats. BenADryl can temporarily relieve itching while fleas are treated. Some allergic reactions can be deadly. Benadianryl may also cause a paradoxical effect. This means that the cat becomes very excited or jittery instead of drowsy. If too much Benadarryl is given to your pet, it can cause lethargy or exciting behavior. A cat may also develop dry mouth syndrome, have respiratory depression, seizures, go into a coma, or even die if a large enough dose is administered. If we suspect that your pet is sick, call your Vet. . . .

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