Train Your Dog To Go Potty On Command

Train your dog to go potty on command. The process isn't complex. It starts with understanding your dog's own routine and preferences. You can't force a dog to poop when it's not physically ready to do so. Observe the dog's behavior when you take it out to relieve yourself. Dogs usually let us know when they're about to go by doing things such as spinning, sniffing, or pacing back and forth in one spot. Find the signs that precede elimination and it's time to add a command. Don't wait until you see your dog pacing or spinning. Then give the command "hurry up," "time to go," or any other command you choose. As soon as your dog goes, reward it. After you've practiced the command over several days, notice the time between giving the command and the time your dog relieves itself getting smaller. It's also time to test the command. If your dog has a good understanding of the command, it should be able to quickly relieve itself. Watch Now: If Your Dog Could Text, They Say This. . .

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