Dogs Can Get Zits Just Like We Can Get Zits, But They Don'T Always Have The Same Causes

Dogs can get pimples just like we can get acne. The reasons behind them aren't always the same as our hormonal zits. The most common places for your dog to break out are the mouth, chest, belly, and genital area. Boxers, English bulldogs, and Great Danes are some of the breeds that break out a little more frequently. Hairless breeds, such as the Chinese crested and Mexican hairless, are also prone to bruises. Many dogs will develop goose-like skin bruises from underlying medical conditions. Your pet doctor can point you in the right direction of what would be best for your pet. Popping pimples can cause more inflammation and trauma to the area. This can increase the likelihood of secondary infections, pain, and scarring. Some dogs that have frequent skin problems need a regular skin routine. . . .

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